Valikko Sulje

Introduction to Bilingualism


1. Discuss cognitive benefits and costs in bilingulism.

2. What would be your approach to the clinical assessment of stuttering in bilingual children?

3. Name four factors that influence whether children will succesfully acquire two languages. Explain how these factors facilitate or hamper bilingual acquisition.

4. Is finnish a difficult language to learn at a later age (16+). Argue why or why not!



Tentaattori: Bertram

1. Describe shortly:
a) The Simon task
b) code switching
c) language attrition
d) morphophonological variation in Finnish

2. Describe how proficiency and age of acquisition are reflected in bilinguals’ brain activation patterns when they perform different language tasks in the scanner.

3. Some cognitive models such as Blingual Interactive Activation (BIA, BIA+) models assume that words from different languages are stored in a common integrated lexicon.

4. Give 4 reasons to why it is more difficult to learn a second language at a later age.